AniNIX \\ Charity

We have a charity arm of the AniNIX -- members who contribute should develop an identity that has no name and no recognition. This is to promote honest contribution and not ego-padding. This can be considered an extension of the DarkNet project. The AniNIX is one entity, a consensus of intellect seeking to improve humanity. We hope you'll ask the admin to join.

Below are some open charity projects that anyone can contribute to.

Free Rice

The Free Rice project donates 10 grains of rice to feed someone in need via the World Food Programme. 400 grains supplements a person for a day, and we have a group on that site for members to contribute to.


The Folding@Home project from Stanford offers cloud computing to research groups to seek cures for diseases like cancer. If you have a computer lying around that's not being used for long hours, such as a desktop left on at night, this project lets you put those resources to use.

Aga Khan Development Network

The Aga Khan Foundation is an extension of the Aga Khan Development Network, which is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by education and building infrastructure. The AniNIX encourages you to engage with the AKDN in the US and abroad to help with this goal.

Amazon Smile

The Amazon Smile program will donate .5% of the proceeds of the purchase to an eligible purchase. If you're already shopping on Amazon, this is a great way to bolster charities.


Altruisto is a browser extension that lets you tie your shopping experience into a number of charities. Check their FAQ for more details.