We are a growing network of services focused on cybersecurity. You are accessing the WebServer front-end service that will serve as your portal to the public-facing information.

Services on this network are properly titled in the format AniNIX::{ServiceName}[/{Area}][ \\ {Title}]. Some of these services are described on the services page for those interested.

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This site has a QR code available.

The AniNIX is very security-minded and deploys several layers of encryption, virus protection, access logging, and intrusion detection. A good way to monitor for exploits is to watch the Exploit Database.

Net neutrality is dead

FCC has voted to repeal Net Neutrality. This is a death knell for the open Internet, but there are many states suing to counter the FCC's immoral action. The AniNIX will continue to support BattleForTheNet and Electronic Frontier Foundation in supporting a free Internet.

While the AniNIX may not be large enough to cause political change, we will be presenting methodologies and tactics to subvert ISP control over what you see. This is a war on an open Internet, and we call all hackers to unite in offering users alternatives to state controls over information.

We have started a #freenet channel on IRC to discuss countermeasures to ISP controls, and we will be documenting tested solutions with the tag "#freenet" in our Wiki feed.

We are the resistance