AniNIX Martial Arts

AniNIX Martial Arts is a small martial arts collective focusing on research-driven martial arts. Our core style is USHF HapKiDo, but we are influenced by HEMA, Razmafzar, Kali, Shaolin, Silat, JKD, BJJ, and many other systems. We are a research-driven group -- we encourage cross-training with other systems and will bring in new concepts regularly. The class is open to all experience levels, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious or cultural identity, socioecomic status, or age (above 14), in Southcentral Wisconsin -- we will fit your training to your needs and goals.

Drop-ins are welcome, but registration is by far the cheapest route.

Quick reference:

Open-source, research-driven self-defense and personal health

About Our Classes

Classes are now posted! Please register -- adults are paying $2 per hour of training by registering and attending all classes. Even if you will be attending irregularly, registration is less than the cost of a few walk-ins and significantly less than any other program in the area. Registration also guarantees the class offering! We need YOU to reserve the space!

Everyone is welcome! Class attendance is not mandated and belt-testing is not required to train. As a courtesy, please inform the class of your absence or intended late arrival -- real-life comes first, and we're happy to work with your needs. We need to keep 10 people on the registered list for each session to reserve our space.

Class info

Cost: $55 for adults per ~9-week sessions OR $10 per walk-in class
Times: Mondays 7-8:30
Location: Belleville Intermediate School - Room # 211, 101 S Grant St, Belleville, WI 53508
What to bring: Exercise clothes and water

Contact info

Please feel free to email us at aninix [at] with any questions or reach out on Facebook or Discord.

Hosted by Belleville Community Ed.

Walk-in Payments

Walk-ins are $10 USD. We accept cash and electronic payment through PayPal for walk-in payments. To pay without a PayPal account, click "Create Account" (counter-intuitive, we know), and you can put in your card info to be processed by PayPal. The AniNIX will not store or handle your credit card information for PCI-DSS compliance.