This project will discover and provide orchestration and instruction to the various servers in the AniNIX ecosystem. It's named after the Star Wars Imperial Intelligence organization that oversaw II's various divisions.
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This project will discover and provide inventory intelligence to Sora, Shadowfeed, Geth, and Sharingan. It is named after the fictional Star Wars Imperial Intelligence organization that oversaw the various divisions of Intelligence and orchestrated their operations.

Note: This project is in progress -- former Makefiles from ConfigPackages are being upgraded into Ansible playbooks here.

How to use

This project expects that you use an Ansible vault for credentials. Create one and add this to your .bashrc.

export ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE=$HOME/password-store/${organization}.vault.password
export ANSIBLE_VAULT_FILE=$HOME/password-store/${organization}.vault

Take a look at examples/msn0.yml as an example inventory -- make sure you populate one of your own.

Once you have your vault and inventory, use AniNIX/ShadowArch with your hypervisor to provision the base image for your machines, or Raspbian.

Then, use the SSHkey playbook to copy your key and the deploy playbook to set things up.

ansible-playbook -i your-inventory.yml playbooks/sshkey.yml
ansible-playbook -i your-inventory.yml playbooks/deploy.yml

Happy hacking!