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As of 2023-05-16, the AniNIX has not received any National Security Letters or FISA court orders, and we have not been subject to any gag order(s) by a FISA court, or any other similar court(s) of any government. AniNIX has never placed any backdoors in our hardware or software and has not received any requests to do so. AniNIX has never disclosed any user communications to any third party. No searches or seizures of any kind have ever been performed on AniNIX assets.
The next two updates should be on or before:
* 2023-08-14
* 2023-11-12
Recent news:
To verify this message, on the terminal import our public key from and verify the canary:
$ gpg --fetch-keys
$ gpg2 --fingerprint 1CC1E3F4ED06F296
pub ed25519 2019-05-19 [SC]
904D E627 5579 CB58 9D85 720C 1CC1 E3F4 ED06 F296
uid [ultimate] DarkFeather <ircs://>
sub cv25519 2019-05-19 [E]
$ gpg --verify <(curl -s 2>&1 | grep 'Good signature'
gpg: Good signature from "DarkFeather <ircs://>" [ultimate]
There will most likely be other lines in the output from that last command, but as long as it says "Good signature", the verification worked correctly.