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## Mobile Access Design
With the rise of the smartphone, remotely accessible services should offer a simple means via some app to reduce network traffic. The app interface should be intuitive and quick to use.
## Accessibility
AniNIX will, within reason, attempt to make its pages as accessible as possible to those with disabilities. To this end, internally-written UI elements should attempt to [maintain ADA / WCAG compliance]( -- audit tools [such as this one]( can assist.
Additionally, our protocols-over-apps implementation preference with RSS, IRC, and Git should hopefully make the majority of our content accessible for anyone. This preference should allow designers to create tools to consume content irrespective of the method of perception or interaction for the user.
## Etymology
The AniNIX attaches a unique name, such as Sora for OpenLDAP or Yggdrasil for Emby, to packages and services it instantiates. The reason for this is that the name defines a scope of functionality the AniNIX expects to rely on -- should the underlying package change, such as replacing Plex Media Server with Emby, documentation and AniNIX packages will use the same name. We also need a naming convention for unique code we are writing, like Uniglot & TheRaven