This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.
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Access layout looks something like the below:

└── Shadowfeed
    │   ├── Core
    ^   │   ├── Darknet
    │   │   ├── Geth-Hub-N
    │   │   ├── Maat
    │   │   ├── MaatBuilder
    │   │   └── Sharingan
    │   └── Nazara
    │   ├── Chamberlain
    ^   ├── iRobot
    │   └── Nest
        ├── Games
        ├── Tachikoma
        └── Tricorder

For more details on what runs on what host, look to AniNIX/Ubiqtorate, particularly the playbooks/deploy.yml file, and the network traffic captured in AniNIX/Sharingan.

The general idea here is thus:

  • is the service subnet, with NAT access from Shadowfeed creating a pseudo-secured DMZ for other AniNIX-controlled machines.
    • SSH and HTTPS access is then filtered through the NAT controls -- typically, traffic passes through Core to ensure the right security headers get set and only the approved applications get accessed.
    • This also assists in letting Core's network IDS and IPS capture threat data for Sharingan.
    • It also assists in that
  • is the vendor subnet -- machines here get external access but no access to any host not themselves in
  • is the user subnet -- machines here can access the external world and but not

Ideally, only the following external ports are open:

  • 22/tcp/ssh to Core, for read-write access
  • 443/tcp/https to Core, for read-only access
  • 6697/tcp/ircs to Core, for communication access
  • Some external NAT port for bastion access to Nazara.

This ideal isn't currently met, due to some application limitations, but we're working on it.