This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.
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Here are some disclaimers end-users should be aware of.


The AniNIX retains minimal information about its users and will not share this information with anyone unless a warrant is issued by the government. We do not buy, sell, trade, or otherwise knowingly disclose personal information.

The AniNIX offers a best-effort at privacy to its end-users via the security practices, but this is no guarantee against government or corporate eavesdropping or monitoring. You are expected to use good judgement in what you post, contribute, and how you connect to the AniNIX. Please watch our warrant canary for our best-effort against interference.

You can request a review of what information the AniNIX is storing on you in IRC.

These tenants are in line with FFTF's Security Pledge. We encourage other sites to take it up.


The AniNIX name (serial number 87177883) and the Core icon (serial number 87177887) are trademarked for the network as Classes 009 (computers), 038 (telecommunications), and 041 (education) trademarks for the name and logo. Please do not create or distribute new products using this name without prior written permission from the admins. They should only be used to credit this network for services rendered.

All content provided by the AniNIX is provided as-is with no guarantee or warranty. You should review all of a package's source files before installing for completeness and test in a testing VM appropriately.

All source code is publicly available and free to use -- we encourage everyone to use and modify it as desired. No copyright is placed on the content within this network and may be reproduced with credit. AniNIX source code is licensed under the WTFPL -- only the AniNIX name and Core icon are not covered by this license.

Moreover, the AniNIX subscribes to the Open Source Way -- anyone is welcome to generate a patch from AniNIX Foundation and submit it, or suggest ideas for Wiki improvements. These can be discussed with our community in IRC, and we will maintain an open commit history for both documentation and source code in the interest of transparency. Direct commits to AniNIX resources will require an AniNIX Sora account and are subject to admin review, to prevent security risk to the rest of the community.

The AniNIX makes use of external source packages, such as MediaWiki, Emby, Tiny Tiny RSS, SSH, SSL, Lighttpd, etc. We make no claim to the source or authorship of these packages -- the AniNIX only offers a means to easily install these other packages. Any etymology of AniNIX services instantiating one of these packages that is not identical to the name of the package is for the ease of use for users administering thier own machines. The AniNIX will not obfuscate the package to hide its original authorship and will limit rebranding to the limits allowed by the package. See [our etymology notes](Design for more details.