This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.
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AniNIX::Forge3 will be a successor to Forge2 and Infrastructure. AniNIX::Core will be turned into hardware rather than VM, and a new systemd+qemu ShadowArch install will take the role of Hypervisor from Windows. Options being evaluated are below.

This is not yet live.

New Rack Layout


WAN link runs from modem to Shadowfeed WAN. Shadowfeed LAN are

  1. Nazara
  2. PRD ether
  4. Switch WAN

Switch LAN are

  1. Dev ether
  2. Dev IPMI
  3. Dev table ether
  4. Windows


Each PSU has a USB that should be able to connect to Nazara. This will allow Nazara to monitor active power state into Nagios.


UPS 1 sockets are provided from one wall outlet, max load 1200W and average load 300W.

  1. HA
    1. PRD PSU (500W)
    2. Dev PSU (500W)
  2. Surge only
    1. Dev table strip
    2. Laptop charger (100W)

UPS 2 sockets are provided from a second wall outlet, max load 1300W and average load 100W, on a 25' 12-gauge outdoor extension cable.

  1. HA
    1. Shadowfeed
    2. Nazara
    3. Switch
    4. Desk light (typically off)
  2. Non-HA
    1. Windows (1200W)