This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.
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The Infrastructure is a conglomerate of machines with mostly proprietary firmware providing power and connectivity to the AniNIX.


This should be self-explanatory -- the Infrastructure describes the lowest-level connection between the digital world of the AniNIX and the physical world. The Infrastructure passes raw resources from the physical world for the AniNIX to manipulate.

Capacity and Components

The capacity of the Infrastructure is limited by the following areas:

  • Power: 1500VA / 900W with surge protection on all sockets and battery power on three sockets for roughly 20 minutes of operation under the usual AniNIX load. Category:HasBattery Power is provided by Madison Gas & Electric Category:MG&E via a CyberPower UPS Category:CyberPower
  • Network: Charter Communications modem providing, ostensibly, a 500MB/s upload and 6Gb/s download speed. results fluctuate. Category:Charter

Hosted Services and Entities




Additional Reference

For hosts seeking insight into the Infrastructure, they can install the PowerPanel software from CyberPower. ArchLinux contains a copy of it in the AUR: [ linked here]

The following files are then critical for configuration, after the USB device is connected to the monitoring host:

  • /etc/pwrstatd.conf
  • /etc/powerpanel/
  • /etc/powerpanel/
  • /etc/powerpanel/
  • /usr/lib/systemd/system/pwrstatd.service }}