This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.
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The AniNIX is currently recruiting user involvement. As such, we're providing some example background here for new persons, broken down by background. Unless a technical means is provided, your best method of passing along your feedback is [ the IRC web client] or IRC. Thank you to everyone who is contributing now! Category:Operation


Everyone should be willing to report issues with AniNIX software, documentation, or provided services -- connect to IRC to report these issues. Also sign into this service if you have an idea for new functionality, enhancements or other improvements the AniNIX should be considering!

Administrative, Legal, or Business Staff

Administrative, legal, or business staff are especially encouraged to review the mission statement, design principles, and development best practices in :Category:Operation. This is the "business" and "legal" model on which the AniNIX runs and is currently vague in non-technical aspects.


Graphic designers are encouraged to review [ the CSS stylesheet] and Special:NewFiles to help provide artistic direction. The current aim is a near-terminal like look with white-and-black icons surrounded by red hexagon. Review Design_Principles#Graphical_Design to understand our motivations and aims. We welcome criticism and debate on these points.


Educators will be exceptionally helpful in reviewing documentation. Anything on this Wiki could be reviewed for clarity and understanding. If concepts aren't adequately explained we need to know so that we can link to wider documentation or clarify.

Of particular interest to educators is :Category:Class. These are offerings from the AniNIX personnel are used in demos and for teaching, and we could always use review and comments on our methodology.

Physical Activity Professionals

The Martial_Arts/Cardio page could always use new exercises or providers to follow.

Technical Personnel

These folks are the core of the AniNIX contributing community. This wiki and [ the Foundation git repo] need review and comments. Submit QANs as you see the need.