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We want, as much as possible, to focus on one tool solving one problem, with as many tools as possible to cover our surface. Also, we strive to keep our tools self-hosted for reasons in our [design principles](./Policies/Design These lists are not 100% comprehensive -- generic, common parts like Ethernet cables or system libraries aren't listed as they're easily replaced by competent staff.

See our design principles for our selected development languages as well.

Self-written solutions

NOTE: These solutions are chosen very, very carefully. We write them either for educational reasons or because they fill a very specific role unique to the AniNIX. All of these are candidates to be replaced with upstream tools.

Problem Tool
Backups AniNIX/Aether
CI/CD Pipeline AniNIX/Maat
Cryptography AniNIX/CryptoWorkbench
IRCbot AniNIX/TheRaven
Language reference AniNIX/HelloWorld
Secure code standards AniNIX/Inquisitorius
Standard functions AniNIX/Uniglot
Web crawler AniNIX/WolfPack

On-site Hardware

Problem Tool Provider Reference
Server Supermicro X-series
Automation Node Raspberry Pi
Smartphone LG G8
Router Netgear R7000
Personal hardware HP Omen
UPS CyberPower
Keyboards Corsair K70
HVAC w/ alarms Nest Thermostat/Protect
Remote access Chamberlain MyQ
Housekeeping iRobot Roomba and Brava
Paper handling Brother printing

Self-hosted solutions


Problem Tool Provider Reference
Main OS AniNIX/ShadowArch
Embedded OS Raspbian
Mobile OS Android
Read-only access AniNIX/WebServer
Read-write access SSH
Network configuration Netctl
Service management systemd
Terminal management tmux
Window management XFCE4
Office suite LibreOffice
Browser Google Chrome
News tracking AniNIX/Singularity
Media CDN AniNIX/Yggdrasil


Problem Tool Provider Reference
Work tracking AniNIX/Foundation
Revision control Git
Documentation This Wiki
Infra-as-Code AniNIX/Ubiqtorate
Hypervisor AniNIX/MaatHypervisor
Network lookup AniNIX/Nazara
Routing management AniNIX/Shadowfeed
Communication AniNIX/IRC,


In the AAA model, authorization is delegated to each individual application consuming the authentication and auditing.

Problem Tool Provider Reference
Penetration testing Kali Linux
Vulnerability scanning OpenVAS
SIEM AniNIX/Sharingan
Authentication AniNIX/Sora
Auditing syslog-ng
Identity verification GPG
VPN Nord
Network encryption SSL
Network IPS sshguard
Network IDS suricata
OSINT oinkmaster
Host IDS clamav
Disk encryption LUKS-on-LVM
Warrant protection AniNIX/WarrantCanary
Physical security AniNIX Martial Arts

Purchased / Managed Solutions

Problem Tool Provider Reference
Backup communications Discord
Power Alliant Energy
Internet Charter ISP
Backup Internet US Cellular
Code publishing GitHub
Cloud office suite Google Suite
Payment Stripe
Banking Chase
Workout options DAREBEE
Team-building Imperial Intelligence