This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.
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Rufus is an overlay to make use of unused clock cycles on AniNIX hardware. It allows the AniNIX to take what would otherwise be wasted power and network presence and put it to either profit or charity.

Etymology=Rufus is named after the naked mole rat from the Kim Possible TV series; a ubiquitious companion to the protagonists, Rufus' species is also capable of great feats of digging, given their traditionally subterranean habitat. The Rufus system is equally useful at mining resources for the AniNIX, keeping it online.

Capacity and Components=Capacity depends on the number of rigs available. A "rig" may simply be a Geth/Hub, a running VM, or a full-featured rig.

Our full-featured rigs are built from cheap consumer-grade parts.[ Motherboard Ethereum mining presentation], accessed 2/5/18]. We have a list of our current desired parts at [ Newegg].

Hosted Services and Entities


[ Ethereum] is a decentralized currency and contract blockchain.

Install and upgrade python3. From that, we can install [ PyEthApp] to mine the currency.

pip3 install pyethapp

Multiple miners can be supported in a single network, but port 30303 must be forwarded to the first node. Other nodes in the cluster will connect their ethminer to that node.

Funds can be transferred to an Ethereum wallet by TODO.Category:TODOCategory:Coinbase


Bitcoin is another decentralized blockchain currency -- in fact, it was the first and most popular.

Mining is done by connecting GPU's or [ ASIC miners] to your host. From there, install bfgminer and benchmark the attached ASIC's. This can be done by standalone block mining or pool mining, where a group of miners agree to mine for the same block through shared and decentralized work.

When satisfied with the operation of the benchmarking, bfgminer can be run with all hardware and a Coinbase address to receive the funds.


[ Folding@Home] is a Stanford project for protein folding research, helping researchers solve disease problems. This is our premiere project for our [ charity work].

Install the [ Folding@Home package] from Stanford. This will allow you to receive units of work from Stanford and process them.


[ BOINC] is a Berkley project for supporting underfunded research projects by allowing open computing resources.

Install the [ boinc-nox] package from Berkley. Enabling the service will use your compute resources for the needy projects.

Connections=Rufus runs on any available hardware.

Additional Reference=[ Contact an admin] for current ROI -- example math can be seen in [ this presentation]. Also, [ this presentation] offers an overview of how Ethereum the protocol works.}}