Warrant canaries are a security industry standard for ensuring our network has not been compromised. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrant_canary

Updated 3 weeks ago

Shared code libraries that all the AniNIX projects should use -- this should reduce error in rewriting the same functions.

Updated 2 months ago

Quality Assurance and Reporting Framework

Updated 3 months ago

AniNIX preferred shell environment

Updated 4 months ago

CryptoWorkbench is a cryptography suite. This project is to allow easy deciphering of text-based ciphers. We will start with basic functions and add new ones as possible.

Updated 10 months ago

This is a simple IRCbot for the AniNIX's operations.

Updated 12 months ago

WolfPack is a Internet search engine, bot crawler, and download utility designed to be scheduled and run on the command line.

Updated 2 years ago

Collect and organize word of the day information from Merriam-Webster. This project is originally a personal, helper script, so there is no emphasis on portability or dependency reduction.

Updated 3 years ago